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Prices (Inc VAT, food, and heating costs )

All stays include dry maintenance Dog food, or wet food, or raw food as you prefer, and dry or wet cat food. You will need to bring your own food if your pet is on a special diet, i.e grain free.


We accept cash or card payments only, payable upon drop-off. The following prices are effective from March 1st 2024. 20% deposits will apply to secure the bookings.

Doggy Day Boarding Full Day £20. Half Day morning £12, Afternoon £15

Dog Boarding per day £24

2 Dogs sharing per day £38

3 Dogs sharing per day £48

Cat Boarding per day £15

2 Cats sharing per day £25

3 Cats sharing per day £35

Collection or Delivery local area £8

Collection or Delivery Ely/Cambridge £12

Cold Weather fuel surcharge (Nov-March) £1 per day per pen.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding any dog we consider to be unsuitable. As a dutiful employer, we have an obligation to our employees and will not expose them to unnecessary risks.

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