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We now have a full grooming facility lined up, so speak to Megan !

Dog grooming services: Please call for a price for your individual breed.


Full grooms which include a double bath, blow dry, any style of clipping that is required or de-shedding depending on the breed of dog, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Mini grooms- this includes a double bath, blow dry, only tidying around the face, feet and hygiene area, nails clipped, and ears being cleaned - these are great for maintaining your dog’s coat in between full grooms or in the winter when keeping your dog’s coat long.

Bath and brushing- this includes a double bath, brushing out of the coat, nails cut, and ears being cleaned.

Puppy grooms - this service is available once your puppy has had its second vaccination and waited up to two weeks after the vaccination date. This includes a double wash in a puppy shampoo, light blow dry to introduce this to the puppy, tidying around the face, feet and hygiene areas only as the coat should be left until they are 6 months old but if needed for health reasons can be cut sooner, nail cutting and ear cleaning  


Cat grooming services:


Bath and bushing includes a double wash in sensitive shampoo, blow dry, brush out of the coat, nail clipping only if your cat is indoor.

Clipping - this includes a double bath in sensitive shampoo, clipping out matted areas of the coat or a lion clip depending on the severity of the matting, nail clipping only if your cat is indoors.

Teeth cleaning:

This service helps remove the plaque in 1 or more sessions depending on how bad the buildup is and the dog’s behavior. This process is done with a ultra-sonic tooth brush and the dog being awake throughout the process which can mean in some cases the dog disliking the teeth cleaning and either biting or moving around too much which if this happens then the teeth cleaning will be terminated. There will always be before and after photos of the teeth so you can see the progress with each session.

Payments accepted are Cash, or Card, or Bank Transfer to M.Allen, Sort Code 20-27-06, Account # 80094633

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