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Affordable Raw food for your Dog now available at Nesslands !


We’ve long been advocates of raw food for our own dogs and now we are giving our customers the opportunity to give their own dog the benefits of the diet, at a very affordable price compared to other commercial outlets that are in the local area.


With our experience of feeding raw, we’ve put together a list of the favourite varieties that we can supply you. The varieties are as follows.





Beef and Tripe

Chicken mince

Chicken and Beef/Fish/Tripe/Lamb


Duck and Tripe



Please note we do not always carry all the varieties.


We can also offer a “Pick and Mix” option whereby you can choose the quantities of product within the minimum sale quantity of 30 packets. Each packet is frozen and weighs 454g (1lb) The cost for each 30off is £35.00 which compares very favourably with other pet shops locally. (Each pack therefore costs £1 per serving)

As a guide, calculate 3% of your dogs weight (for an adult dog) , and this is how much to feed on a daily basis. So if your dog is 20Kg, 3% would be 600 grams, or about 1.5 packs per day.


Call us or email us today with your order, please collect in our opening hours. 


Cash sales only for Dog food.

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