Dog and Cat Boarding, and Doggy Day Care. - Company Message

All stays include "Skinners Maintenance Working Dog Chicken " Dog food, or IAM's Cat food.
We are happy to take cash and debit/credit card payments. As the Bank of England no longer guarentees cheques with cards, we can no longer accept personal cheques. The following prices are effective from March 31st 2019.  Bookings prior to this date will be at our old price.

Full Day
Half Day, 08.30-12.00 or 12.00-18.00

Doggy Day Care
Dog Boarding
£16.00 per day
Guard Breeds *
2 Dogs Sharing
2 Guard Dogs Sharing
Cat Boarding
 2 Cats Sharing
Collection Service
 £10 Ely or Cambridge Areas
3 Dogs sharing



Paypal Payment Method

* Guard breeds includes all dog breeds normally considered for guard duties, eg Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, Ridge Back etc. We reserve the right to refuse boarding any dog we consider to be unsuitable. As a dutiful employer, we have an obligation to our employees and will not expose them to unnecessary risks.
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