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Welcome to Nesslands, Burwell's premier Dog and Cat Boarding Services.

As an East Cambridgeshire District Council Approved establishment, We are regularly inspected and approved by the licensing team, and meet strict standards on pet accommodation, nutrition and well being. Each Dog and Cat has an individual heated pen, (not crated), with room to roam, and Dogs are exercised twice daily in outside runs. Pens are cleaned on a daily basis, and disinfected between guests.

We have been awarded a maximum of 5 stars for our breeding establishment in August 2022.


Staff are fully trained and we comply with current Health and Safety legislation.

We have comprehensive Veterinary Insurance, 3rd person Liability Insurance and Employers Insurance.

The most recent changes in Animal Welfare regulations (2018) have resulted in a comprehensive revamping of quality control, operational procedures and minimum standards.

Our most recent inspection has resulted in the following licences.

Licence number for Boarding, 17/00880/AN_03

Licence number for Breeding, 18/00689/AN_04

Our VAT registration number is GB 187174673

(If you don't hear back from us in 24hrs, please call !)

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