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Dog Food Sales.
We are making available to pet owners the same food we feed our own dogs and boarders, so you can be assured it's top quality. Don't pay pet shop prices, pick up a 15kg bag of Trophy Chicken kibble and give your dog the nutrition it needs. Pre pay by PayPal if you like and collect anytime in opening hours !  £20 a bag, or £43 for the Salmon and Potato variety.
Our food is a wholesome and tailored diet for the sustenance of working and active dogs, providing all the essential nutrients needed for health and vitality. The diet contains a hearty blend of digestible, protein-rich chicken, cereal, carbohydrates and slow-release energy wheat to promote endurance and offer internal nourishment. High levels of essential oils and fats will enhance the condition of your dog's skin and coat, whilst the full balance of 27 vitamins will strengthen andsupport its natural defenses, safeguarding your pet against ill-health and disease !
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